Just By Jules

Welcome to my hobby!

I have always been a keen seamstress and this year after a visit to a local vintage fair i decided to buy and up-cycle wool and tweed coats and make my own designer doggy jackets!

In order to promote my coats i have recently opened up a shop on Ebay and Etsy called..

“Just By Jules”

Where i am showcasing all of my coats!

I currently have in stock sizes XS, S, M, L

Extra Small: Length 11 inches  Tummy 20-24 inches  Priced at £30

Small: Length 15 inches, Tummy 20-26 inches  Priced at £35

Medium: Length 17 inches, Tummy 24-30 inches Priced at £40

Large: Length 22 inches, Tummy 26-24 inches  Priced at £45

Custom Orders Available!

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